Beelzebutt Plug in Love Stinks: Part 3 – A Live Nude Ghouls Short Comic

In this week's comic strip Roxy asks for the Beelzebutt plug's help. It also features the largest anus I've ever drawn, so... win!

This month's pinup featuring Dorothy is done and available now on Patreon. This pinup is X-Rated, and the nude version will remain Patreon exclusive for at least one year. The "Clean" version is also finished and I may share it here next week.

Fuck Tumblr!

Stay Calm! With Tumblr’s recent ban on nipples I have been forced to do what I have put off for far too long… Make a goddamn site for Live Nude Ghouls. So right now this spot is nothing but cobwebs, but it won’t stay that way for long. Going forward new comics will publish here, my Patreon page, and Twitter.  Thank you to everyone who reads Live Nude Ghouls.