Something Wicked This Way Cums Part 9

I never intended this original Live Nude Ghouls comic to be about sex. My goal was to see if anyone would enjoy a story that had explicitly X-Rated moments. From the number of "boner killer" comments I've received in the past, I don't know if that works for most people. 😁

I'm not usually a fan of comic pages that use the same drawing or layout across multiple panels, but sometimes it is appropriate. I think it works pretty well here, even if some of the drawings make me cringe. One thing I really like about this page is how Azpiri the cat moves through each panel, and helps show how little time has passed. 

Azpiri is of course named after comic artist Alfonso Azpiri, who I first discovered in the pages of Heavy Metal with Lorna. If you are not familiar with his work, leave here right now and check it out

Fuck Tumblr!

Stay Calm! With Tumblr’s recent ban on nipples I have been forced to do what I have put off for far too long… Make a goddamn site for Live Nude Ghouls. So right now this spot is nothing but cobwebs, but it won’t stay that way for long. Going forward new comics will publish here, my Patreon page, and Twitter.  Thank you to everyone who reads Live Nude Ghouls.