Sweet Dreams – A Live Nude Ghouls Halloween Orgy Comic

Halloween will probably be different in many places this year, but let's not lose sight of what is important... Candy! My idea is to do Reverse Trick or Treating. What is that? Ideally people would dress up and stand in their front yards. Then Halloweeners could drive around and throw candy to (at) them, keeping everyone safe from the coronavirus. Friendly tip: You may want to incorporate some goggles into your costume.

This comic was originally published in 2015, and the artwork makes me cringe a bit 😬

Volume 1 and 2 are still free on Gumroad because I'm lazy, and won't let myself raise the price until I can put Volume 3 together.

P.S. If your biggest problem with this comic is that she doesn't brush her teeth after eating candy, and then just goes back to sleep - welcome to the club.

Fuck Tumblr!

Stay Calm! With Tumblr’s recent ban on nipples I have been forced to do what I have put off for far too long… Make a goddamn site for Live Nude Ghouls. So right now this spot is nothing but cobwebs, but it won’t stay that way for long. Going forward new comics will publish here, my Patreon page, and Twitter.  Thank you to everyone who reads Live Nude Ghouls.