Something Wicked This Way Cums – Part 1

As I've mentioned before, I will be rerunning the original Live Nude Ghouls Story arc to give myself some time to explore a new idea. Generally speaking I have a terrible memory, but I thought I could post each comic with some reflections. I will do my best.

Something Wicked This Way Cums was originally published in October of 2010. It is the first real comic I ever attempted to write or draw. My look back through these pages is sure to be filled with a mix of pride and cringe

I've always been the type of artist that has trouble drawing something unless I have a direction. I started entertaining the idea of drawing a comic to give me that direction. As a lover of Horror, I knew that I wanted to do something in that genre, and I knew I wanted it to be kind of sexy. That said, the real seed for Live Nude Ghouls came from an unlikely place: a song. Growing up, I listened to a lot of punk rock, which in turn lead me to psychobilly. One day Haunted Cathouse by the Nekromantix came on while I was shuffling through songs on my way home from work and something clicked. Even the name Live Nude Ghouls! I remember running in as soon as I got home to see if the domain was available. It was.

From there I started sketching characters and came up with a witch design I kind of liked. As is common for me, I only had a rough idea of the story when I started drawing page 1.

This was my first drawing of who would become Zoranna Bane:

First drawing of Zoranna Bane, the witch from Live Nude Ghouls.

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