Something Wicked This Way Cums Part 2

As I mentioned last month, I am rerunning the original Live Nude Ghouls story while I work on something new. With each page I will write a little about the creation of that page and the characters portrayed.

Most people seemed to like Part 2 because I threw Popeye in, but that was really done as an afterthought. It was funny to me to put a mermaid on a stripper pole, so having a sailor pine for her just made sense. When first creating my roster of monster girls, I knew that I wanted a mermaid that looked a little fishier than most would find attractive... And yes, her name is a nod to the movie "A Fish Called Wanda".

Almost all the side characters that have appeared in Live Nude Ghouls were designed on the page while drawing it. The only ones on Page 2 I had drawn before were Wanda, the zombie Clarisse (though she didn't have a name yet), and the bartender Laszlo. I don't think the Devil Girl in the top left is supposed to be Dorothy, but I'm sure those are the vampire Krissy's legs in the bottom right corner. 

I never wrote a real script for Live Nude Ghouls. I had a rough outline, and plotted my way through it page by page while drawing. Dialogue was almost always written after a page was drawn. Flying by the seat of one's pants in an integral part of "Making Comics the Live Nude Ghouls Way".

Here is the first drawing of Wanda I ever made:

First drawing of Wanda, the mermaid character from Live Nude Ghouls.


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