Something Wicked This Way Cums Part 13

Panel one on this page does not work. It slows everything down right after Melvin's stabbing for a hand cramp "joke". I should have removed it, and just added a bit of exposition about Zoranna's need for "the cum of a dead virgin". There is plenty of space for it in panel 2. Panel 3 is notable as the last time the genie looks anything like this. For reasons never explained, she takes on her current appearance on page 25. That explanation is simple though: she ended up being a bigger character in this story that I anticipated, and I hated this weird turban look.

Recent Sketch Commissions

Here are a couple of recent sketch commissions done for $10 tier supporters on my Patreon Page. If you are interested in getting a drawing from me, this is really the most cost effective way to do it.


No prompt was given, so I drew what I wanted. So, yeah… Lesbians.

This commissioner wanted to see my Genie character working a Taco Truck

Fuck Tumblr!

Stay Calm! With Tumblr’s recent ban on nipples I have been forced to do what I have put off for far too long… Make a goddamn site for Live Nude Ghouls. So right now this spot is nothing but cobwebs, but it won’t stay that way for long. Going forward new comics will publish here, my Patreon page, and Twitter.  Thank you to everyone who reads Live Nude Ghouls.