Shell Bra Hell – A Sexy Mermaid Comic for Mermay

Artists have been depicting sexy mermaids with shells covering their breasts forever... But did anyone ever think to ask how the mermaid feels about that? I’ve been wanting to do a comic like this for a while. I grew up watching Looney Tunes and loved the ones where the artist would mess with Bugs or Daffy during the cartoon. I will probably revisit this idea in the future... but maybe next time i’ll hire a hand model.

2 thoughts on “Shell Bra Hell – A Sexy Mermaid Comic for Mermay

  1. As they (used) to say in the Caribbean,
    “We Wants the Redhead! We Wants the Redhead!”

  2. Long time ago I went to a Science Fiction convention. I was at a room party talking with some folks, when I saw their eyes widen. Behind me was a gorgeous looking woman wearing bikini bottoms and a shellfish bra. Since I was in my twenties and full of hormones, that nearly knocked me over.

    Enjoyed the costume. Thoroughly, even if we never spoke,

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