This Little Piggie

I saw an interview once in which a sex worker claimed that a surprisingly high percentage of clients request watersports. Cut in a well known nursery rhyme and BAM: instant Live Nude Ghouls comic.  I realize this would have worked better conceptually with Roxy, but I liked the pig woman's pose, and really wanted the Ghoul to wear panties (which is hard with a big bushy tail). P.S. This is another instance where I had been working on a completely different comic before deciding to switch gears the day before Publishing. P.S.S. Furries have never been my thing, but damned if I don't enjoy drawing sexy pig girls.

7 thoughts on “This Little Piggie

  1. Put a hole in the panties for the tail.

    1. Yeah, I often draw her in jean shorts, but have never really shown how that works. Maybe someday I will… but probably not. 😉

  2. You could always do one later with Roxy “blowing her house down”.

    1. Is that a euphemism?

      Dammit, now I want to write a heist story featuring Roxanne Locke: Demolitions Expert. Thanks, Thanks a lot…

      1. Uh, yes, but now I want that side story too.

  3. That style doesn’t work very well if you think about putting the jeans on in the first place. Having to thread long hair through a baseball cap is aggravating enough, but a big bushy tail through a small hole in denim? I’ve always envisioned it as a buttonfly on the back, so she (and other tailed creatures) just pull their pants up and then clip the button on above their tail. Could also work with just a belt and a slit cut into the back of the waistband.

    1. this was supposed to be in response to “just me”. Blargh

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