Zoranna Pinup: New Years Resolution (Clean Version)

The theme for this pinup is New Year's Resolutions, and I held a poll on my Patreon page for supporters to vote on different goals. "Read More" narrowly beat "Get in Shape" and "Eat Out Less". I knew Zoranna would be a great fit for this theme, and the pinup came out very close to what I had in mind. As you can imagine, the NSFW version is quite a bit dirtier, but will remain Patreon Exclusive for this year.

I had no firm idea for Get it Shape, but my plan for Eat Out Less was to have Krissy struggling with it, giving out, and eating out a female Doordash style delivery driver... I know, classy ;D

The poll for February's pinup is up now, and this month will feature a Furry! The theme is "Down on the Farm" and the choices are as follows:

  • Wallows in Mud
  • Time to be Sheared
  • Maid of Milking

If you want to join in on the fun, and see all NSFW versions of each pinup, you can join me on Patreon for as little as $1 per month.


The Monthly Pinups of 2020 Art Book

NEW COLLECTION - The Monthly Pinups of 2020 is Live now on Gumroad. The PDF contains the pinup created each month for Patreon supporters in 2020. Both Clean and NSFW variants are included with a brief write up of each piece. As a Bonus I've also included a zip file with large JPEGs for each pinup. Get yours now for only $5!

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