There is Something About Cherry (Revised)

This week Live Nude Ghouls travels back in time to correct a heinous injustice against art! No this is not a new comic, but is instead a revision to a shamefully bad older one. In the original comic I completely botched the drawing of Zoranna. I know that I've improved (a little) since, but this rendering was well below my capabilities at the time. It was so bad, that I have no idea how it passed my editorial process. But it fucking did, and has been a source of embarrassment ever since... That ends today! . . . Still here? Oh. you want to see what the original looked like? Well, If you enjoy torturing yourself, or seeing the flaws and failures of others, here's a nice comparison for you: P.S. I also added Hot Sauce to give it a little zing.

2 thoughts on “There is Something About Cherry (Revised)

  1. It is good that art quality obsesses you.

    1. I can be both anal and lazy about my work. Too bad lazy anal isn’t widely sought after 😉

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