Swords and Sandals – A buff Amazon, displaced in time, washes ashore at an all inclusive resort hosting the Women’s Volleyball Championship Games…

Swords & Sandals – Pinup for July

Do you miss the days of walking through video stores? The idea for this pinup was to create the cover to a fictional VHS movie. Patreon supporters chose "Screwball Comedy" for the theme. I had some trouble landing on an idea, and left it to Patreon again to choose from my top three. Here was my description for the winning movie: 

"After being sucked into a magical whirlpool, Amazon queen Hippolyta washes ashore to a modern all inclusive resort. She is taken in by a ragtag team of girls there for a volleyball tournament. Can Hippolyta make her way in this new world, and lead her girls to victory in the cutthroat world of competitive volleyball?"

There is a nude version on Patreon with 100% more ass crack.

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