Pigs: Part 21

ableet, ableet, ableet... That's all folks! 

So, that was Pigs, originally published in 2017. There are things I still like about it, and things that make me cringe. I hope you had fun with it. 

Friday's post will probably be one of the pinups finished while Pigs was running. After that posts will go back to weekly on Fridays, and you will get something new.

4 thoughts on “Pigs: Part 21

  1. How does Madame not get any blood on her? That’s eldritch

  2. I just gotta wonder how they disposed of the bodies. (Pork chops for dinner?) (How soon would the other ladies of the house be complaining about “Ham for dinner? . . . Again?) There’s a pulled pork joke in there someplace, but I ain’t touching it!

    1. Not having one of the pigs say “You ready to pull some pork, baby?”, was a missed opportunity…

      1. I just wish there was an epilogue of some sort. Maybe a big Bad Wolf closing a storybook and saying “that’s the real story of the 3 Little Pigs, . . . And they all lived Happily Ever After!” “Now, . . Who’s up for some pork chops?”

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