Leda and the Swan – A Live Nude Ghouls Short Comic

I was very busy this week, so here is an educational comic that originally ran in 2017. The myth says that Zeus took the form of a swan and seduced Leda, impregnating her with the beautiful Helen of Troy. Another version of the myth is that Leda was raped by the swan, but since there is nothing funny about rape, I went with seduction. Either way, I think we all agree Greek Mythology can be pretty fowl... For anyone that missed it last week, I made Live Nude Ghouls Volumes 1 & 2 Free on Gumroad. Its my way of saying thanks to all of you choosing not to be assholes. Go get 'em, and if you enjoy, please leave a rating. Bonus Panel (Previously only seen on Patreon): Leda, mother of Helen of Troy wakes up next to a swan.

2 thoughts on “Leda and the Swan – A Live Nude Ghouls Short Comic

  1. Greek Mythology: Zeus fucks something and it starts something terrible….

  2. Looks like Beastiality is her thing.

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