Science Fiction / Fantasy Pinup (Clean Version)

For March's pinup, I asked Patreon supporters to vote for two genres. My idea was to take the the results and mix them up into something fun. In the end, Fantasy and Science Fiction won.

This is the clean version. The NSFW version lacks the Miami Vice vibes, but has elf nudity ⚖️. It will remain Patreon exclusive for at least a year.

Don't worry, Bilbo is clothed in all versions 😉

For April's pinup I had supporters vote for an art style, and Art Nouveau won! Join us on Patreon to vote in future polls and to get all pinup versions and comics as soon as they are done.

2 thoughts on “Science Fiction / Fantasy Pinup (Clean Version)

  1. bilbo had a uncle or some shit named dildo

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