A Dirty Job – Patreon Pinup for June (Clean Version)

Every month I make a new NSFW pinup for my Patreon supporters with subject matter that they vote on. June's theme was Dirty Jobs. Exterminator squeaked by with a narrow victory. I had rough ideas for some of the other choices, like Rodeo Clown and Coal Miner, but for exterminator - nothing. I knew that I wanted a somewhat logical reason for the nudity, so I worked backwards from that. Enter the opossum...

I was originally going to do more shading and rendering, but I really like how it looked with flat colors. So I left it. I hope you like how it came out. Figuring out her tattered uniform was fun!

In July's poll I asked patrons to choose one piece of clothing for our this month's pinup to wear. Boots won in a landslide. I'm gonna crank some Nancy Sinatra and get to work! Follow along and get the NSFW version for as little as $1 a month on Patreon.

P.S. You can still download Volume 1 & 2 of Live Nude Ghouls for free on Gumroad

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