Gentlemen Callers – Cowgirl Pinup Improved by Adding Ghosts

I didn't finish a comic this week. Instead I spent way longer on a "sketch" than I ever intended to. So, rather than put up a re-run - here's the aforementioned sketch. I had no plan when starting it as you can see by viewing the time-lapse video of the thing below. In the end I decided to balance out my cowgirl pinup by adding ghosts in the background... Everything is better with ghosts. Want more were-fox Roxy?

4 thoughts on “Gentlemen Callers – Cowgirl Pinup Improved by Adding Ghosts

  1. For so many, many reasons, Roxy is my favorite of the ladies.
    Just lovely. Thank you.

    1. As someone who has a thing for redheads, I feel you… Thanks.

  2. Lose the tail and she is still an incredible vixen. Thanks for her, and everything else.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and for watching my work!

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