Neon Demon – A Devil Girl Pinup for August (Clean)

A sexy technicolor devil girl pinup drawn for my Patreon supporters! This is the Safe for Work version, but that doesn't mean it isn't  Hot. The NSFW version will remain exclusive to Patreon for the time being. The poll to decide what I will draw for September's Pinup will go up tonight, so join me on Patreon if you want to join the fun.

For last month's pinup I used a painterly approach, so for this one I wanted to go in a graphic and cartoony direction. These are all a chance for me to play with style and technique. Since I have a tendency to use muted color palettes, I really wanted to push the vibrancy of this piece. I hope you like how it came out!

Drawn in Procreate.

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P.S. Obviously, this pinup has nothing to do with the movie Neon Demon... In truth, I found that movie kind of boring, but it had a great fucking name!

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