Something Wicked This Way Cums Part 4

Most of the main cast make an appearance in page 4 of Something Wicked This Way Cums. Here we have the first appearance of Cherry, my blob character, and the still unnamed Mummy that has appeared several times. Popeye was on page 2, so we have Olive Oil here completing his short arc.  

Drawing scenes with lots of characters is always a challenge. I tried to keep the eye moving around the top panel by framing Roxy within what is basically an oval of action. The drawing styles are still all over the place on this page, with a stark difference between the well rendered blue giant, and the caffeinated chicken scratch of Melvin. That difference actually works for setting up Melvin's inner turmoil. I just wish I could remember if it was intentional. 

With previous posts I've shared early drawings of the characters Zoranna, Wanda, and Krissy. Today you get Roxy! I'm not sure which of these 2 drawings came first, but as you can see - she hasn't changed much:

First drawing of Foxy Roxy. Early Foxy Roxy drawing


Honk If You’re Horny – Clean Version – Sexy Clown Pinup for March

Honk if You’re Horny! This is the Clean Version of my sexy clown pinup for March. It’s my silly take on the old “babe on a hot rod” style pinup. The Nude Version is exclusive to my Patreon.

All that Jazz – Pinup for April

The theme for April’s pinup was Music, and Jazz was the genre that received the most votes on Patreon. Now, I don’t consider this a successful pinup. There are things I like about it, and with a little more work it could have been an okay jazz poster or something… But as a pinup? Failure.

May’s pinup is more what you expect from me, and I will be posting the clean version of it shortly.

You Got your SciFi in My Fantasy – Pinup Mashup

A pinup mashup featuring a sexy elf from the future and Bilbo Baggins.

The theme for March of 2022’s pinup was a genre mashup. Patreon supporters selected 2 genres and my job was to draw a pinup based on their choices. They chose Fantasy and Science Fiction…

This is the nude version. You can find the Miami Vice inspired SFW version here.

1960s Pinup – Sexy Hitchhiker

Last November’s pinup theme was the 1960s. Sexy hitchhiker seemed like a natural fit. I usually make a dirty version and a clean version, but this one came in dirty and dirtier 🤣

This is my first time sharing the dirtier version outside of Patreon. Join me there to get comics early, get votes on pinups, and get the NSFW versions of my artworks.

Genie Pinup (Nude Version) – June 2021

nude genie, topless

Every month I do a pinup for Patreon supporters based on their votes. Last July’s theme was Live Nude Ghouls characters not named Zoranna. It was a tight race, but Jinny the Genie beat out Roxy, Dorothy, and Krissy for the top spot. This is my first time sharing the nude version outside of Patreon.

Last month’s pinup had a similar theme, focusing on secondary characters from LNG. Pigtails won, and I will post the more SFW version here on Friday. The nude version will stay Patreon exclusive until June of 2023.

Sexy Mech Driver – Nude Version

This is my first time sharing the nude version of the “Sexy Mech Driver” – probably my my least favorite “pinup” from last year. I tend to prefer drawing organic things, so a mech was far outside my comfort zone… and it shows! That said, it was a blast to draw, and I will take another shot at mechs in the future.

If you like my drawings and want to see the nude versions as soon as they are made, join me on Patreon for as little as $1 per month.