One of the perks I offer Patreon supporters is a monthly pinup featuring a character or subject they can vote on. In January’s poll, supporters selected from a list of Live Nude Ghouls characters. Zoranna came through as the clear winner, and I finished off the month with a NSFW Zoranna pinup. I posted the clean version here at as well.

February’s poll choices were all half beautiful woman, and half beast. Cat-Girl won! So, as with last month I am posting the generic bikini clad, clean version here for you Live Nude Ghouls readers. The NSFW version is on Patreon right now, and will stay exclusive to supporters. $1 a month supporters get the low resolution nude version, and $5+ supporters get a high resolution version with a time lapse video of it being drawn.

If you are interested in voting in March’s poll, there is still time! I had a strange idea for this month’s pinup and it could end up being either terrible… or fucking great! This month’s theme is the five food groups: Dairy, Grains, Fruits & Veggies, Meats, or Sweets. Right now Sweets is dominating. If you want to join in and make me really work for it by choosing Grain or Meat, you still can. Poll closes on Friday.