Starting last month, I added a new perk for my Patreon supporters: A monthly Pinup! At the beginning of January, I posted a poll on Patreon asking which Live Nude Ghouls character they’d like me to draw. Supporters from every tier were able to vote on it, and the majority did. Unsurprisingly, Zoranna came through as the clear winner. I decided to make two versions; one clean that I could share on social media, and one nude that will stay a Patreon Exclusive.

Why am I interrupting my regularly scheduled comic to tell you this. Well, because I just posted February’s poll, and want to get even more people voting than last time. For Fantastic February we are doing hybrid creatures; half beautiful woman, half beast. The current options are as follows:

  • Half Fish/Shark
  • Half Horse
  • Half Cat
  • Half Bird
  • Half Snake
  • Half Insect/Spider

Half Cat is currently in the lead, but the poll doesn’t close until midnight on Friday. If you enjoy my work, you can take part in the fun for as little as $1 per month.¬†All Patreon supporters will get both a nude and clean version of each month’s pinup on top of their usual perks. $5+ supporters will also get the final piece in high resolution with a time-lapse video of it being drawn.