Won’t you Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

Merry Christmas from Live Nude Ghouls! Did I know back when the Deer Lady appeared all the way back in the first Live Nude Ghouls page that I'd be making this joke. No, but it was kind of inevitable...

I know this year has been tough for most but I am hopeful that there are better days ahead. I hope to wrap up the long overdue XXX-Men comic soon (2 pages left), then will be moving back to doing weekly comics about Monstergirls. 

I should be done with my December pinup before Christmas, and will post it to Patreon when finished. Patreon supporters get both the nude and clean versions of each pinup. I will post the clean version here next week. I hope that's not too late for Sexy Mrs. Claus... ;D

One thought on “Won’t you Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

  1. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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