The Entertainer

While trying to write a description, and give meaningful insight into the making of this "sexy mummy" comic, I had "Walk like an Egyptian" stuck in my head. So you are getting none of that. Instead, let's talk about childhood crushes. One of mine was  Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles. I know I'm dating myself here - but the big beautiful eyes, the big hair, the way she looked into the camera and said "...tion"... I was hooked. Speaking of big hair, I also had a crush on Jean Grey as drawn by Arthur Adams in X-Men and X-Factor. I feel like most of the world would scoff at that admission, but really anyone familiar with the work of Mr. Adams will completely understand. Did you have a celebrity, cartoon, or comic crush growing up? Share in the comments. P.S. Our sexy mummy previously appeared in this comic about breakfast food.

3 thoughts on “The Entertainer

  1. Haley Mills was my celebrity crush. I was disappointed when I found out that she was actually 17 years older than me.

    1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thomas Hart Chappell

    In reality my crush was on Ripley, but I pretended it was on Sigourney Weaver.

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