Adult Activity Book Match Game – Mishap Matchup

Mishap Matchup originated in 2016, and was later added to my Adult Activity Book page. Visit that page for another entry in the Matchup series as well as all the Dirty Hidden Pictures that I've made. 

I always feel bad posting reruns like this. You all deserve fresh content! Then I remember that I post these for free... So, :P.

Kidding aside, I should have the next XXX-Men page done for next week. It took me a while to figure out the composition. I almost cut something that I really wanted in the story to make it work, but I think I solved my dilemma. Fingers crossed.

I hosted a poll on Patreon to select the musical genre that this month's Pinup will be based on, and there was a tie! Since I couldn't think of an easy way to combine Metal and Jazz, I hosted another poll with three choices: Metal, Jazz, and Don't be so fucking lazy, I want my Jazz-Metal. It looks like Metal took it in round 2. So, early next month be ready to raise your lighter for one head-banging beauty!


2 thoughts on “Adult Activity Book Match Game – Mishap Matchup

  1. It looks like the website only goes back so far. Is there any way to get to the start of the webcomic? As in, 2010 start?

    1. Yes. I have collected the first few stories into 2 Volumes and put them on Gumroad. Right now they are FREE!
      I hope to add more volumes soon, and will only be charging a buck or two each.

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