Interesting Monster – Beelzebutt Plug, Pick Up Artist (Rerun)

I am rerunning this comic because it relates to next week's all new comic. Happy New Year!

Original Post:

Does this comic exist just so I could have a butt plug brag about the "shit" he's seen? Yes, Yes it does.
I realize that someone who hasn't been reading Live Nude Ghouls for long may not recognize our little red friend there, so here are the basics. Meet Beelzebutt Plug, a butt plug that has been possessed by an evil demon. This is the first comic in which he talks! I redesigned him last year sometime and liked it enough I made it available on shirts.
P.S. This comic is inspired in part by the Looney Tunes cartoon "Hair Raising Hair", specifically the scene where Bugs acts as the monster Gossamer's beautician.

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