Hitchhiker – 60s Inspired Pinup

For November's pinup I had my Patreon supporters vote on which decade would inspire the illustration. They chose the 1960s. I was originally going to go for something more fashion oriented with time period appropriate patterns and colors. Then a hitchhiker popped into my head, and I knew where I was going. My goal was to be a bit more illustrative and less cartoony with this one. I was looking at paintings by Robert McGinnis and Bernie Fuchs for inspiration. I usually do a Clean Version, and a Dirty Version of these pinups, but this one needed the flash of skin. So, this pinup has a Dirty Version, and a Nudist Version that will remain Patreon Exclusive for one year.

Now, this month's pinup will be going the other direction. Cartoon all the way. The theme for December's pinup will be a Christmas Elf in a Don Bluth inspired style. These little monthly pinup challenges are a lot of fun, and a great way for me to experiment. If you want a vote on future pinups, and to see my work early, consider joining my Patreon.

2 thoughts on “Hitchhiker – 60s Inspired Pinup

  1. That looks really good!

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