ClamJammer (Swimsuit Edition) – May’s Pinup for Patreon Supporters

It's that time of the month again, folks... Behold, ClamJammer - the "swimsuit edition" pinup created for my Patreon supporters in May! The NSFW version will remain Patreon only for the time being. Last month supporters voted on a selection of fighting game girls, which included famous characters like Morrigan and Felicia from Darkstalkers. I also included an option for me to create and draw a pinup of an original character. Well, guess which won. 

I came up with the name first, and I knew it was going to have a nautical theme. As I worked on it, adding tentacles and claws, etc... It didn't feel right. She needed to be sexy AND more disturbing. So taking inspiration from the geoduck, I decided to go all in on the clams!

Character Back Story: Judith, a Bioengineering student with a double major in Marine Biology, was secretly in love with her Krav Maga teacher Charlotte. When her sensei started getting closer to Tom, a fellow student in the Army reserves, she vowed to keep them apart by any means necessary... 

June's Pinup Poll is up now and the subject is Dirty Jobs. Support Live Nude Ghouls for as little as $1 per month to vote.

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