Christmas Magic: Part 4

Only 2 more of these little strips left, and I can finally leave Christmas in the old rear view. If you came here for sexy drawings and are not satisfied by all the holiday cheer, scroll down. I added a blog post with some recent sketch commissions.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Magic: Part 4

  1. But the hat doesn’t bring the dead to life. It brings the inanimate to life. (Still, I don’t wanna miss what happens next!)

    1. My universe, my rules 😉

      1. Fair enough!

  2. I hope she gets a better after effect than she did the last time she was brought back to life.

  3. Okay, going all nitpick science nerd here (pretty damn silly thing to do for a comic) If the hat “brings to life” rather than just reanimates, then Clarisse should not need the hat after she is restored. Unlike a snowman or garbage heap, she has all the basic infrastructure to go on living without the hat. If her body is restored to life down to the cellular level, then she should remain alive sans the hat.

    1. I love that my readers put more thought and consideration into my comics than I do:)

      1. Yeah, but you’re going to kill her off again. Aint’cha? BTW I love your “My universe, my rules”, comment. Surprising how many readers do not get the concept of a creators unlimited control over their work. Well, then again there are those asshats over at Tumblr and others of their ilk…

        1. I don’t like spoiling upcoming comics, so all I will say is that I enjoy repeating jokes sometimes. I mean, there is a reason we all know Garfield hated Mondays…

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