A.I. Part 20

And it's done! I hope you enjoyed this little arc. I personally have quibbles with it, but am proud of some of the writing and a few of the drawings.

I originally had two endings in mind for this one. My unused ending had Dorothy lighting up a cigarette after their tryst, with the smoke causing the sexbot to short out and die. A low key version of a Live Nude Ghouls typically unhappy ending.

I decided to go with the ending above just in case I ever need to write a story about the Ghouls visiting Hell. A gnarly version of our sexbot showing up again as Asmodeus's ruthless Queen could be pretty cool 😉

The future: Next week I will be posting last month's pinup, and the week after that we will begin doing something a little different. I have an idea for a new comic! At this point it is little more than a rough story, but I want to take the time to flesh it out and start drawing it. To give myself that time, I am going to rerun the original Live Nude Ghouls story "Something Wicked This Way Cums". I will try to add some commentary and insights, so if you've read it before, hopefully it will be fun to revisit. That comic has over 60 pages, and will take over a year to fully rerun. That should give me the breathing room I need to get my new comic started.  I will likely post some updates about the new comic here and on social media, but you will be able to follow along much closer on Patreon.

Thanks for reading!

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