While trying to write a description, and give meaningful insight into the making of this “sexy mummy” comic, I had “Walk like an Egyptian” stuck in my head. So you are getting none of that.

Instead, let’s talk about childhood crushes. One of mine was ┬áSusanna Hoffs from the Bangles. I know I’m dating myself here – but the big beautiful eyes, the big hair, the way she looked into the camera and said “…tion”… I was hooked.

Speaking of big hair, I also had a crush on Jean Grey as drawn by Arthur Adams in X-Men and X-Factor. I feel like most of the world would scoff at that admission, but really anyone familiar with the work of Mr. Adams will completely understand.

Did you have a celebrity, cartoon, or comic crush growing up? Share in the comments.

P.S. Our sexy mummy previously appeared in this comic about breakfast food.